Your dream can become a reality with Pierson-Gibbs Homes because you have the opportunity to “finish it yourself and save thousands of dollars”. We’ll show you how to be your own general contractor and eliminate the middleman. And you don’t have to know the building business in order to finish your home; you simply hire the skilled tradesman to do the work! If you’re looking to build your own home in Michigan, read on to learn more about how it works.

You choose your level of involvement

With Pierson-Gibbs, when you build it yourself, you won’t be building alone. You will work with an entire team of people; our builder reps introduce you to the concept and explain the process, our architects help design your ideas, our carpenters construct your house, and our customer service representatives assist you in completing your home.

Step 1 – Land

step1-landYou select a lot or a parcel of land in the location that you decide is best for your lifestyle. We build anywhere in Michigan. And be sure to check with us – you may not have to pay off your land in full before you qualify for our building program! We’ll do it for you!

Step 2 – Plans

step2-plansYou may pick a home from existing plans, your plans, or combine the two. You may even want to design your home from scratch, using ideas from several sources. Either way, our architects will work with you to make your home both structurally sound and forever beautiful! We want your home to be exactly the way you want it to be.

Step 3 – Financing

step3-financingPierson-Gibbs is committed to providing you with the best construction loan in the industry. After you qualify for your final end-mortgage, we will provide you with a construction loan to build the house and any other costs associated with the building process. These costs can include a lot payoff, financing for a well, septic field or excavation. Check out our Construction Loan page for details.

Step 4 – Construction

step4-constructionOur Pierson-Gibbs’ skilled carpenter teams will build the entire main structure of the house (the shell) on the lot and foundation you provide. We will construct the sub-flooring, all framing, exterior wall and interior stud partitions, roofing and siding, and install all exterior doors and windows. When our craftsmen are finished, your home will be totally enclosed and weather tight, including lockable doors and ready for you to begin the completion stage of the project.

Step 5 – Completion

step5-completionCongratulations! You are now ready to “finish it yourself”. You may do all of the finishing work yourself or you can hire the skilled professionals to do the work for you. It is totally up to you.