We will be following the building of a Pierson-Gibbs home on this page. From start to finish, we’ll be with Dan and Lisa as their dream-home unfolds. Dan & Lisa first met with Pierson-Gibbs Builder’s Reps to talk about the Pierson-Gibbs program and look at various house plans. They spent some time talking to other builders, looking at many plans and finally picking one. Their second meeting at the Pierson-Gibbs offices in Richmond, Michigan was spent looking over the operation and seeing the quality building products we use. Dan & Lisa decided they wanted a Pierson-Gibbs home and were ready to have their dream-home started. (For larger images, just click on the picture.)

Preliminary Plans

The first order of business was to have preliminary plans drawn from their ideas. Once those were drawn, Dan and Lisa reviewed them and made some changes. The Pierson-Gibbs architects made the changes they wanted  and the final blueprints were finished and approved. The outline of Dan & Lisa’s home can be seen with flags marking all the corners.  Dan & Lisa are looking at the foundation plans.  They were in the final stages of getting their approvals for building in the township.


The excavator was contacted and put Dan & Lisa on his schedule. Dan got 5 estimates on putting in the footings, basement walls and garage and porch foundation. He selected his contractor and was put on their schedule. The footings were poured and this picture was taken as the foundation contractor was setting the forms for the basement.


This picture was taken after the walls were poured. We’ll add different picture angles of the house to get better perspectives as the construction proceeds. Dan has done some of the backfilling (the poured walls needed to cure for about a week). The steel I-beams and posts for the center house support are to go in next.


The Pierson-Gibbs construction crew began building the shell. We’ve had a little rain that slowed them down, but we’re still making good progress. Windows have been ordered and once the trusses are completed and sheathing is on, the roofing will be installed. You can scroll to the bottom of this page for a different angle and interior shots.

Finishing Up

The brick work is almost done. Most of the siding is completed and the interior work is progressing. The mechanical systems are ordered and the electrical and plumbing will go in. Then the insulation will be installed and then the drywall can be hung and finished.


Their home is now finished and Dan & Lisa have moved in with their 2 children. The landscaping is in thanks to Lisa’s hard work and Dan’s effort in moving some pretty big boulders. See below for some other outside views. If you have any questions about this home or want more information on the Pierson-Gibbs “Hands-On-House”, you can visit our Contact page. We’d love to hear from you.

Additional Photos