“I can’t believe what we accomplished with their easy program and expert guidance.”
Mike and Kathy Jennings

“The Pierson-Gibbs staff was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable at all phases of homebuilding. We got great value in working with Pierson-Gibbs and would do it again!”
Wain and Dayna Yeung

“Pierson-Gibbs helped us understand the entire process from beginning to end. We’re here, and we’re happy.”
Susan and Andy Woodruff

“The one stop shopping and 0% construction loan made this so easy.”
Dan and Melissa Rau

“Everyone told us that building a house would end our marriage (HA HA). But we want to shout it from our rooftop — EVERYONE SHOULD ONLY BUILD WITH PIERSON-GIBBS.”
James and Janet Jenosky

“This really works! The materials and construction were such high quality. All my subs and inspectors were impressed.”
Chuck and Sue Snyder

“I should have done this years ago. What a no-brainer.”
Rob and Jennifer Bennett

“The Pierson-Gibbs material list is above the standards we were being quote elsewhere. The variety and options of standard material was the best we found. And, the specialty upgraded items we wanted were available at a very reasonable cost.”
Fred Reibel

“Unlike our sub-division experience, we were involved in every phase of this home and felt that we were treated like part of the Pierson-Gibbs family. The folks at Pierson-Gibbs offered helpful advice based on their own hands-on experience. From framing to finishing touches, they went the extra mile to make sure our home was exactly as we intended it to be.”
John and Danita Sanchez